Friday, March 21, 2014

What Happens Every 60 Seconds on the Internet?

60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds
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 A lot can happen in 60 seconds, especially on the World Wide Web. The Internet is growing at such a rapid pace, nearly three quarters of a million searches are performed every 60 seconds. 

Here's what else can happen worldwide in 60 seconds:

-710 computers are sold
-1,820 TB of data is created (which is enough to fill 2.6 million CDs)
-232 computers are infected by malware
-450 Windows 7 discs are sold
-925 iPhone 4s and 85 iPads are sold
-11 Xbox 360 consoles are sold
-18 Amazon Kindle Fires are sold
-38 tons of E-waste is generated
-4,000 USB devices are sold
-2,500 ink cartridges are sold
-2,100 check-ins happen on social media
-$75,000 worth of revenue is added to Google
-1.1 million conversations happen via instant messengers
-103 Blackberries are sold
-$219,000 worth of PayPal transactions
-12 websites are hacked, and 416 attempts are made to hack Facebook profiles

What else do you think happens in 60 seconds?

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