Monday, March 31, 2014

6 Awesome Tech Gadgets

Half of these will have you asking yourself why you didn't invent it, and the other half will leave you wondering how you possibly lived with out it. Check out these 6 awesome tech gadgets:

1. The Tego PowerGrid
This portable charging device allows you to charge two items at once, all while on the go.

2.  The iPad Wireless Flash Drive
Stream movies, music, images, and documents to your iPad with this 8 GB flash drive.

3. The iPhone MiniDock
Charge your iPhone or iPod without having any cords, or the need for a place to set your phone.

4. Kopi Kbar Power Strip with USB
Not only is this power strip energy efficient, it also has 2 USB charging ports in addition to its 3 standard outlets.

5. The iPad Pocket Projector
iPad Pocket Projector, $250
Instantly display movies, photos, or presentations with the pocket sized projector.

6. USB Surge Protector
Get protection from electrical surges while adding a USB port at the same time.

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