Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Here's What's New With Windows 8.1


1. Boot to desktop is now automatic. Previously you had to hunt for this new feature, but now your PC will automatically boot to the desktop.

2. Apps are now in the taskbar. Windows 8.1 featured the return of the start button to the taskbar, and the apps are now following. You are are now able to pin Modern apps to the taskbar and easily switch between them.

3. Desktop apps are default. Windows 8.1 originally would launch Modern versions of apps, but now the desktops versions will automatically launch when you click on an app.

4. There is now a search icon on the start screen. You can still search just by typing from the start screen, but there is now a visible icon on the top right of the start screen.

5. The update also includes the addition of a shutdown icon next to the search icon. Previously there was a swipe away, but the update includes an visible icon.

What do you like or dislike about the update?

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